Tag: Winter

  • January 2023

    January 2023

    It rained at the start of the New Year and was still raining into the second week. Not just rain, not the kind that you dodge into a shop for, or make a run to the car, or sit it out under a tree. This was rain and it made sure you knew that. Rivers…

  • December 2022

    December 2022

    December couldn’t quite make its mind up with the weather, dreary, misty, rainy, snowy, with only the odd few hours of sun. It felt like a time to hunker down, get the blanket out and sit reading books, writing, sipping tea, eat hot spicy noodle soups to warm the bones and the mind. Maybe, the…

  • November 2022

    November 2022

    The seasons seem to be slipping and sliding past one another this month. November began with wonderful cold misty mornings, and soft rain that clung to leaf then poured down on passing heads in a shocking stream, the sound of all this decanting playing like a water feature punctuated by high-pitched screams as yet another…